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Our BCBAs will work on  Best ABA services near me or autism occupational therapy with families to develop, implement, and refine an in-home, intensive, comprehensive ABA-based program for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents work with a BCBA to learn to use ABA-based techniques at home to address a specific challenging behavior or achieve a specific goal such as toilet training, sleep hygiene, or teaching a new skill. These sessions can occur at the GSA center or in the client’s home, depending on assessed needs and recommendations by the BCBA. Behavior Support Plan (BSP) that is tailored to meet the needs of the client and to address the families behavioral goals. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are given a manageable caseload to ensure enough attention and effective therapy is given to each client. They create the BSP that identifies specific skills that will be targeted for instruction. Our behavior technicians will provide 1-on-1 therapy based on the BSP to clients. Each client will fall under one of the following categories, determined by the level and type of support each client requires:

Young female psychologist helping girl for ABA therapy


(35 hours per week of direct one-on-one ABA Therapy).

Social Program at school or center base

Special Programs

such as Early Intervention & Classroom Readiness such as School shadowing (35 hours per week of direct services).

Occupational therapy session with Golden Stars ABA


(15-25 hours per week of direct one-on-one ABA Therapy).

Service Hours

Center -based ABA therapy

Mon - Fri - 8am-6.30pm

School-based ABA Therapy

Mon - Fri - 8am-6.30pm

In-Home ABA therapy

Mon – Fri - 8am-6.30pm

After-school ABA therapy

Mon – Fri 4:30pm-6:30pm

Weekends Center-based

Sat 9am-2pm

Other Services

Parents ABA training with child

Parent Training

Golden Stars provides  ABA services near me regularly families training on: Basic principles of ABA. The use of reinforcement to maximize learning opportunities Maintain learned behaviors and generalizing skills across settings/contexts

Speech and Occupational Therapy | Golden Stars ABA

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Golden Stars ABA believes in collaboration with other service providers and caregivers to share expertise about how individuals learn the skills to lead successful, happy lives. We have partnered with other Speech and Occupational Therapy providers in the area and allow personal therapists to provide services at the center for parent convenience.

Insurance company accept by Golden Stars ABA

Insurance companies we accept:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Community Health Choice – Marketplace
  • Community Health Choice – Medicaid
  • Beacon
  • Friday After Next Plan
  • Tricare

We also accept private pay and contractual agreements. Please call us for more information….